The City of Roses – A Natural For Weddings

If you’re planning one of the biggest days in your life, doesn’t it make sense to have it in a city which oozes romance, nature and beauty? Portland, Oregon has many nicknames “PDX, Riptown, Little Beirut” but we prefer “The City of Roses.” So now you’ve got the town for your blessed day, but now there’s everything else to find here. Who’s the best florist? The coolest DJ? Most picturesque reception location? Gifts for the bridal party? Accckkk! Fear not!

One Stop For Everything

We’ve got your back with resources of all the top vendors in the area. These professionals combined have decades of experience in every facet of your event, for every need. From catering, venues, bridal gowns, beauty, photographers, music, the honeymoon, and transportation for guests to name a few, our little site will be your go-to guide. When you check in with us, we’ll ensure you have the latest information on who’s hot in Portland for all wedding related items.

We Love, Love!

This site was created with love for those who need guidance about where to go in our great city for getting “nuptialready. Whether you go with a bonafide event planner or decide to organize it yourself, you need fresh, up to date material, researched, reviewed and gathered so all you need to do is click and pick your vendor. BPWC is your “cyber-Rolodex” of content picked for anyone getting hitched.

Trustworthy Information

The right products and services, along with proper orchestration can make or break any special day. Our suggestions are the creme-de-la-creme in Portland. From cakes to fake-bake spray tanning salons, ceremony music, designer gowns whose proceeds go to local charities, we’ve got plenty of talent and artisans who specialize in making every moment memorable.

 Choose Wisely

Shy away from companies who:

  • Are only interested in selling you things you don’t want or need. Extra unwanted items or services make it easy to steer off your budget.
  • Don’t provide clear contract terms, pricing, and or deliverables. From the flowers to the music, clear written communication and expectations on all sides will make for a smooth transaction.
  • Appear aloof or “scattered” when conversing on the phone or in person. If your planner, caterer, gown designer etc., can’t seem to concentrate when you’re going over details of your day, how will they handle the actual event? 
    We want your wedding to be as amazing as the vendors we recommend, so stay tuned here for more!