Get Your Wedding Groove On – Portland Style

One of the most crucial pieces to any fabulously fun wedding is the music. Whether you hire a duo or trio to perform ceremonial or cocktail hour tunes, or a full band for the reception, booking the group to get your guest’s groove on is important. We here in Portland LOVE our music! The diverse talent here is sure to provide something for everyone.

Agency or Not

If you have attended your fair share of post-betrothed parties, what makes or breaks it is how good the band is. Now the first question you should ask is “Should I book through an agency or not?”
Here are a few tips to get your IQ up on this issue:

  • What kinds of wedding music bands does the agency represent? You want to know whether they were just thrown together, or are they established with a solid local following.
  • How valuable are your time and cost factors? Though agencies do a lot of the work for you with contracts, relaying info to the group, booking, they also charge a percentage on top of the band fee for this.
  • How clear are the contracts? Booking bands is great if YOU have the time to go see them live (which is highly recommended), make your own agreement, decide upon set-up and break down times, if you feed them, etc. An agency again can do all of this but make sure all communication is clear, fees are not varied unless you add-on more hours, and you can trust the agent to carry your wishes through.

Additional Insight

Though the musical industry can often be wrought with its fair share of flakes, William Hungs, and ego-maniacal has-beens-that-never-were, most musicians and booking agents just want to run a professional business, be appreciated, and make some coin along the way. Wedding players come dressed as agreed to in the contract, be it in tuxedos or not, at the time required, do their gig, break down the equipment as stipulated and leave everyone with a smile.

Smashing guitars on stage, biting rodent heads, setting stuff on fire… don’t want those musicians gigging at your venue, on the most special day of your life UNLESS that’s your thing. Like we said, Portland has all kinds of groups for any type of performance, so be sure you do your homework, listen to whomever it is live, have a clear agreement, and then just boogie-oogie-oogie ’till you just can’t boogie no more!